NPR logo Take Your Best Shot At Explaining The Upcoming 'Smurfs' Movie


Take Your Best Shot At Explaining The Upcoming 'Smurfs' Movie

The director of Beverly Hills Chihuahua is on board to direct the upcoming live-action/animation hybrid movie about the Smurfs.

I'll let that sink in for a moment.

Yes, that's right. Raja Gosnell is in charge of the new film, according to Variety.

We've had such a big week for Very Bad Ideas that I don't feel like I have any more "But WHYYYEEE?" to offer. All I can do is look ahead, right? It is better to light a Smurf than to Smurf the Smurfness.

What is a movie like this even going to be about? Does the fact that it's part animation and part live-action mean that the Smurfs will be animated and will interact with humans? Some kind of Smurfs Take Manhattan business? Are humans going to PLAY Smurfs, or just VOICE Smurfs?

Is there any possibility I am imagining this particular bit of news because I have a fever? I mean, I don't actually have a fever, that I know of, but it does seem like a likely explanation.