NPR logo Ten Romantic Movie Titles Even More Depressing Than 'Love Happens'


Ten Romantic Movie Titles Even More Depressing Than 'Love Happens'

Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer Aniston star in Love Happens, which actually doesn't make love sound very good. Universal Pictures hide caption

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The new Jennifer Aniston/Aaron Eckhart romance opening tomorrow is called ... Love Happens. Which would seem to be based on ... you know, the common phrase? "[Blank] Happens"? I'm not saying they're directly attempting to link love and [blank], but it sort of feels that way, doesn't it? Maybe the movie is darker than the trailer makes it appear. If that is indeed the intention, we may be opening up an entire new world of depressing movie titles based on the world's most downbeat platitudes.

She Can't Tell Her Heart From A Hole In The Ground

If It's Not One Thing, It's A Lover

Into Every Life, That Guy Must Fall Headfirst While Wearing An Unlaundered Football Jersey

Sometimes You're The Windshield, Sometimes You're The Hug

Love Hits The Fan

Going To The Olive Garden In A Handbasket

SNAF-OOh, You Look Good, Baby

What Goes Out Must Come Down

It's No Use Crying Over Spilled Tears Of Heart-Crushing Sadness

Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off, Buy Some New Shoes, Get Your Hair Cut, Punch Up Your Online Dating Profile, Practice Your Small Talk .. Actually, Just Forget The Whole Thing, It's Totally Not Worth It