NPR logo Morning Shots: Ricky Gervais, Microsoft's Cold Feet, And Stephen Colbert


Morning Shots: Ricky Gervais, Microsoft's Cold Feet, And Stephen Colbert

cup of coffee.

• Microsoft has pulled out of an agreement to sponsor a Seth MacFarlane comedy special scheduled to air as part of a Family Guy extravaganza on Fox, based on concerns about the content. It really does make you wonder whether the relevant people at Microsoft had ever seen Family Guy before it made the deal.

Ricky Gervais will host the notoriously goofy, sometimes boozy Golden Globes in January 2010. If you've ever seen Gervais show up everyone else attempting to be funny at, for instance, the Emmys, you probably instinctively understand that this is a great idea.

Nathan Fillion fans and Firefly fans will want to make sure to check out this clip from last night's Castle, in which Fillion's old role as Captain Mal got a little love.

• If Stephen Colbert on your TV and your computer isn't enough, Comedy Central would like you to know that you can now experience him on your iPhone.

• What's that you say? You need to start a potentially dull Tuesday with a photo of the new version of The A-Team? No problem.

• Things are slow enough that I'm in the mood for the following dispatch from the Department Of Time Sure Does Fly, Doesn't It?: If you spent any time in the 1990s engaged in the frivolity known as "watching General Hospital," you should note that the original Lucky Spencer — that would be Luke and Laura's son, Lucky Spencer — returns today after ten years gone. Jonathan Jackson noodled around in movies like Tuck Everlasting and even appeared on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, while viewers endured other, inferior Luckys. But now he has returned. What I'm saying to pop-culture aficionados of my approximate vintage is that the kid who plays Luke and Laura's son? He's 27 years old now. Pardon me while I adjust my dentures.