Morning Shots: 'This Is It,' Nook News, 'Southland,' And Adam Sandler In Drag : Monkey See Michael Jackson's new movie is out — and so is Adam Lambert's cover art. Patrick Swayze's wife talks about grief, and ABC gets out of a jam, in this morning's roundup.
NPR logo Morning Shots: 'This Is It,' Nook News, 'Southland,' And Adam Sandler In Drag

Morning Shots: 'This Is It,' Nook News, 'Southland,' And Adam Sandler In Drag

cup of coffee.

• Michael Jackson's concert film This Is It comes to theaters today, and Slashfilm has a roundup of the (quite positive) early buzz.

• Weird but funny: an effort to scientifically determine where to go on Halloween for the most candy with the least effort.

• Barnes & Noble won't start shipping the Nook until November 30, but presales have already made it their number one seller.

The fate of Southland, possibly the funniest album cover of the year, ABC relents, and more, after the jump.

• Rumblings persist that TNT may pick up Southland, which NBC axed a couple of weeks ago, but the deal isn't done, and if it gets done, it looks like TNT will be taking baby steps with Southland, only showing the already-ordered NBC episodes until they see how it does.

• Patrick Swayze's wife, Lisa Niemi, is starting to talk publicly about grieving, and as you might expect, it's pretty touching. She hits the Oprah couch on Friday as well.

• Have you seen the new Adam Lambert album cover? Apparently, we have entered a time machine, and this album is being released in the mid-1980s, when using Print Shop to make fonts all shiny and metallic was quite the computer trick.

• Remember that brilliant plan ABC had to paint giant red "V" symbols in the sky around major landmarks? They're scrapping it. I know some of you thought they never intended to go through with it in the first place, but this is not the kind of attention that makes a network look very smart.

• Get ready to hear some tongues clucking: the first reality producer to win the Norman Lear Award is Survivor and Apprentice producer Mark Burnett. Before you get too agitated, keep in mind that this award has been given to David Chase (The Sopranos) but also to Aaron Spelling (not so much The Sopranos), so this isn't its first flirtation with populism.

• In an upcoming romantic comedy, Adam Sandler "will play Jack as well as his twin sister Jill." This is what you get for not going to Funny People, you guys.