NPR logo In Theaters: 'Mr. Fox' Impresses, While '2012' Turns To Noisy Rubble


In Theaters: 'Mr. Fox' Impresses, While '2012' Turns To Noisy Rubble

John Cusack stays ahead of disaster, kind of, in Roland Emmerich's 2012. Columbia Tristar Marketing Group hide caption

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• Bob Mondello really is not a fan of 2012. At least I think that's what he means by, "By the time it's over, you'll feel like it is 2012 already, and you'll have such a headache that it'd be kind of nice if the whole world went away."

• Bob was much happier with The Messenger, which he calls a "quietly explosive drama."

• Kenneth Turan has good things to say about The Fantastic Mr. Fox, the new stop-motion animated film from Wes Anderson, which he reports "goes to your head like too much champagne."

• Ella Taylor is underwhelmed by Pirate Radio, the new offering from director Richard Curtis (Four Weddings And A Funeral, Love Actually), but doesn't seem to have the heart to entirely condemn it, given the fact that it at least succeeds in communicating "the freshness and innocence of a generation's passion for the infant rock 'n' roll."