NPR logo Just How Much Money Did 'New Moon' Make This Weekend? Well, A Lot


Just How Much Money Did 'New Moon' Make This Weekend? Well, A Lot

Robert Pattinson in New Moon.
Summit Entertainment

This weekend, New Moon made over $140 million. That's the third-biggest opening weekend ever behind The Dark Knight and Spider-Man 3. It helped create the second-biggest box-office weekend of all time. It's the biggest opening weekend of 2009 (obviously). It made twice as much money as the original Twilight did when it opened. The audience was 80 percent female, and 50 percent under 21.

In short, as much money as people thought it would make, it made even more.

$60 million more on opening weekend than Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince. $30 million more than Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen. More than twice as much as last weekend's 2012.

It may seem at times like the only people who can drive blockbusters anymore are teenage boys playing video games, but don't you believe it. You give them the right story, and teenage girls will fork over just as much money.



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