NPR logo Morning Shots: Leno Speaks, 'Glee' Gets Clearance, And Oscar Speculation Grows


Morning Shots: Leno Speaks, 'Glee' Gets Clearance, And Oscar Speculation Grows

cup of coffee.

• It's seemed closer and closer over the course of the last few weeks, but apparently Comcast's possible purchase of NBC is seriously on the move. We are trying to see the possible humor in it.

• The Oscar-hosting horse race is on (following news that Hugh Jackman had declined), and I have to tell you: I don't think it's going to be NPH. Nor do I think it should be. You don't want the guy to become the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? of celebrities, burning himself out too soon. I would support Tina Fey. And definitely not Billy Crystal, who barely works anymore.

• If you read this interview with Jay Leno in at Broadcasting & Cable, you will learn that you should never give an interview in which you explain 50 times why you don't feel defensive and you don't mind criticism being aimed at you, because it will inevitably seem like you mind rather a lot. As others have noted, a beef with NBC is different from a beef with Leno about content, but I don't know that I've ever seen a performer offer so many reasons why every criticism of his show is illegitimate. It's a fascinating piece.

Glee news, David Letterman, and a sharp look at fall television, after the jump.

Glee watchers will want to catch this discussion the show's music supervisor (and others) recently had about, among other things, the challenges of choosing and clearing songs for use on the air.

• So far, his extortion scandal hasn't been bad for David Letterman on the ratings side, where he's having a much better fall than Conan O'Brien. Of course, that shift was already happening before he went on the air to talk about being blackmailed, so it's not clear how much scandal is driving the better ratings, but it doesn't seem to have stopped the growth, anyway.

• There's a good piece from Neal Justin at the Star-Tribune about how the fall season is going for network television. (Even though Neal Justin's pub quiz team and my pub quiz team were bitter rivals when I lived in Minnesota, I still recommend the piece.)