NPR logo Morning Shots: The End Of The Decade And The Return Of 'Charlie's Angels'


Morning Shots: The End Of The Decade And The Return Of 'Charlie's Angels'

cup of coffee.

The Telegraph has its list of 100 Books That Defined The Decade. There's going to be a lot of this over the next couple of months, rest assured.

• Want more end-of-decade coverage? In The New York Times Magazine, critic A.O. Scott talks about important films of the decade and the first movie review he ever wrote.

• Returning to The Telegraph, Bookninja linked to this discussion of the historically respected writing that would fail under computer grading.

New "angels," bigger Comcast, and a Salon update, after the jump.

• has been around a long time, trying a lot of different ways of making money. Here's an update on their recent redesign and how things are going.

• ABC is reportedly very close to producing a new version of Charlie's Angels. Because really, what's more timely than three women answering to a faceless male authority figure?

More thoughts from The Hollywood Reporter about what it might mean if Comcast, if expected, gains a controlling interest in NBC Universal. The answer? Even more control over the viewer's experience in the hands of a single company.



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