NPR logo Morning Shots: The Happy Gilmore Shot And Adventures In Robot Boxing


Morning Shots: The Happy Gilmore Shot And Adventures In Robot Boxing

cup of coffee.

• Hey, if you're taking the opportunity this Thanksgiving to get up a game of golf (hey, it could happen), don't try the Happy Gilmore shot. You could wind up in legal trouble.

• What show on television has the highest percentage of "upscale" viewers — meaning viewers between 18 and 49 who are in households making more than $100,000 a year? Make your guess, then learn the answer.

• Every time I get to the description of the Hugh Jackman project Real Steel that uses some expression like robot boxing promoter, I keep waiting for somebody to say it's a parody, but apparently, it's not.

The ethics of copyright and dating, and a movie "experience," after the jump.

• You know it's illegal to copy movies and post them online, but Slashfilm has this interesting discussion of whether it's illegal to just watch them — and whether legality is really the right question to ask.

Slate critic Troy Patterson has a fascinating look at the creepy, womanizing behavior found on ... the Disney Channel.

• Would you pay $30 for a movie if it also included an "experience"? Early viewers of The Princess And The Frog will be doing just that.



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