Entirely Real Photos: Santas, Baby : Monkey See Today's entirely real photo brings you up close and personal with some Chinese Santas in training.
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Entirely Real Photos: Santas, Baby

This group of Santas is being trained in China. AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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AFP/Getty Images

According to the available information, this photo shows a group of volunteers preparing to appear as Santa during various Chinese celebrations. It doesn't get more specific than that, but as near as I can tell, one of the following three things is happening:

(1) Santa graduation — throw whatever you want in the air.

(2) One Santa is in the back getting beaten up, resulting in his clothes flying all over.

(3) One Santa has just been hit by a baseball, as used to happen to Charlie Brown — this also makes your clothes fly in the air.

(4) They were right in the middle of a dance routine when one of the Santas in the back blew up.