NPR logo Morning Shots: A Very Kindle Christmas And The Rise Of The Fashion Blog


Morning Shots: A Very Kindle Christmas And The Rise Of The Fashion Blog

cup of coffee.

Things are still slow as we slog through what is a between-the-holidays week for lots of folks, but that doesn't mean people aren't still arguing about Avatar on the Internet. Oh, it doesn't mean that at all. And if you missed it, note also that my musings on the ten most significant developments in television in the last ten years are available for your perusal.

• A blog in The Guardian weighs in on whether book blurbs really do any good.

• Amazon reports that Kindle books outsold hard-copy books on Christmas Day, but as Mashable points out, that doesn't necessarily mean as much as Amazon might ask you to believe it does.

• From The New York Times: Blogs are getting more and more of the good seats at fashion shows. Anne Slowey (famous for saying an outfit showed "too much tootie" on Project Runway) unsurprisingly sounds disapproving.

Storytelling and Avatar, and New York shooting permits, after the jump.

• Interesting essay at Cinematical about the good reviews for Avatar that criticize the story while still raving about the movie. Note that you can see from the comments that Avatar has already passed one milestone, which is that, like The Dark Knight, it has plenty of people who are very much prepared to pounce on naysayers.

• New York is increasing fees for shooting movies and television shows in city buildings. Next stop: Law & Order: Buffalo.