NPR logo Morning Shots: Oscar Scripts, Soapy Farewells, And Cable's Big Week


Morning Shots: Oscar Scripts, Soapy Farewells, And Cable's Big Week

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• Remember when we mentioned that Abigail Breslin and Alison Pill would be appearing in a revival of The Miracle Worker? There's a follow-up: concerns over the decision not to cast an actress who was either vision- or hearing-impaired have been resolved quite happily with the casting of a visually impaired actress as Breslin's understudy. An interesting tale of listening and not freaking out when controversy arises.

Variety looks at what kinds of scripts tend to be honored by the Oscars. Hint: Not the really, really dark ones, for the most part.

• The line between broadcast and cable television grows ever narrower; witness this report on just how well cable performed last week. See also: this discussion of how things are going for the networks.

Another soap goes down, and Peter Gammons moves on, after the jump.

• Another sad moment for soap fans: CBS has canceled As The World Turns after 54 years. Which means they've been getting the "I used to like this show, but it's no good anymore" mail for about 52 years, by my calculations.

Time's James Poniewozik is out with his list of the Top Ten TV Shows of 2009. I think it's very telling that there are three shows on it (by my count: Parks & Recreation, Glee, and Modern Family that were new this year. It really was a better year, quality-wise, than we've had in a while.

• If you're an ESPN viewer, this is big news: Peter Gammons is leaving.