NPR logo Morning Shots: Leno Speculation, Reading Blockbusters, And A Big 'Lost' Tease


Morning Shots: Leno Speculation, Reading Blockbusters, And A Big 'Lost' Tease

cup of coffee.

• There's a lot of speculation about the fact that NBC ordered 18 pilots for next season — the most it's ordered in quite some time. This may, or it may not, mean that the clock is ticking on The Great Leno Experiment.

• Cable companies' plans to go after free television online continue to make people nervous.

• Morgan Spurlock (of Super Size Me) talks about his next project, which is a film adaptation of the book Freakonomics.

Ignorance feeds blockbusters, newspaper writing is too long, and Lost calls upon an iconic image, after the jump.

• Dawn Taylor at Cinematical invites readers to weigh in on the thesis that people read blockbuster novels and watch blockbuster movies "because they don't know any better." I weigh in like this: "Oy."

• If I had asked you a year ago who you thought would have a comeback in the next year, would you have said The Muppets?

• Another piece claiming that the SyFy "rebranding" has been a triumph, because SyFy had a strong year. Of course, this could, just possibly, be for other reasons unrelated to the name change from "Sci Fi" to "SyFy," but because that's difficult to prove: triumph it is!

United States Of Tara fans be warned: the new trailer contains an interesting spoiler regarding Tara's various alters.

• How do you freak out a large community of fans? Pose the cast of Lost in a version of The Last Supper. (Yes, it's been done before; so has everything.) If that's not enough, enjoy this chat with the show's producers in which they give away as little as possible about the upcoming final season.

• Michael Kinsley says newspaper writing is too long. I don't know if it's too long, but I can't say he doesn't make some good points about newspaper conventions that may have outlived their usefulness.