NPR logo Morning Shots: The People's Choices, Jason Reitman, And More Muppets


Morning Shots: The People's Choices, Jason Reitman, And More Muppets

cup of coffee.

• Big congratulations to Slashfilm for premiering this terrific video from Jason Reitman, in which the Up In The Air director documents what a publicity onslaught looks like from the point of view of the subject. Really wonderful.

• If you don't understand why I kind of love Jimmy Fallon, I encourage you to watch this little video of what is very clearly a genuinely impromptu rendition of "One" (the Three Dog Night "One") with the Muppets, which took place during a camera and sound check. The guy loves his job, and it shows, and that's why he always has me.

• Last night, Survivor unveiled its list of players for the upcoming "Heroes vs. Villains" season. You can review the list (and some reactions from Entertainment Weekly's Dalton Ross) here. (I would love to see anyone make the serious argument that fans have been clamoring to see Danielle again.) (Cue thousands of Survivor viewers saying, "Who's Danielle?" Exactly.)

An unexpected scheduling conflict for the White House, more award-winners, and John Oliver, after the jump.

• Admittedly, it's a "thank your lucky stars if this is the biggest thing you have to worry about" kind of problem, but ABC is not going to be happy if the super-hyped Lost season premiere has to be bumped from February 2 because of the State Of The Union. On the other hand, if you're the White House, do you agree to move the State Of The Union because of the Lost premiere? It's a world gone mad.

• It was Vampire Night, pretty much, at the People's Choice Awards. I have to say, I will be relieved when vampires go away again.

• Finally, Daily Show fans, don't miss this discussion with John Oliver about how he's totally going to get his musket and teach you a lesson.