NPR logo Prince Writes A Little Ditty For The Minnesota Vikings As They Enter Battle


Prince Writes A Little Ditty For The Minnesota Vikings As They Enter Battle

Prince wrote the Vikings a fight song. No, really. Kevin Winter/Getty Images hide caption

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images

I am totally, utterly confused by Prince's new fight song for the Minnesota Vikings.

It sounds nothing like a Prince song, except for the sort of synth-y drumbeat in the background. It sounds a little bit like a Christmas carol, and a little bit like a graduation song, and a little bit like something Barney the Dinosaur would sing about the alphabet. (You can hear some of it by hitting the "play" button on the embedded video above.)

As the Vikings take on the New Orleans Saints this weekend, propelled forward on a fiery comet made up of the flaming cartilage fragments of Brett Favre's knees, it's good to know that Minnesota's other Sultan Of Purple is in their corner. Still, the official lyrics are a little, um ... you know. "4ever strong as the wind that blows the Vikings' horn"?

For me, the Vikings right now represent a very difficult internal conflict, because I count myself a transplanted Minnesotan, but I really, really, really do not like Brett Favre, especially when the announcers start talking about how he plays like a fourth-grader who loves shooting marbles and collecting polliwogs and just droppin' his fishin' line in the water to catch him a few little trout, because he's just that regular of a guy.

If only the song said, "In the name of the purple and gold, except for Brett Favre."