NPR logo Yes, There Really Was A Show On Called 'Conveyor Belt Of Love'


Yes, There Really Was A Show On Called 'Conveyor Belt Of Love'

Okay, you know how depressing it was yesterday reading about The Bachelor? That was before you knew that what came on after that was called, I promise, Conveyor Belt Of Love.

I watched about five minutes of this show before saying, "Wow," and returning to Glee DVDs. As you know, I will try almost anything once, silliness-wise, but this threatened to devour my soul and replace it with a trash bag full of ... trash.

The only reason I offer it here is that I don't want anyone who saw me mention it last night on Twitter to either (1) assume I was hallucinating (I wish); or (2) be concerned about the fact that I stopped talking about it right after the balloon animals. I did not die of despair.



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