The Best Picture Marathon Is On : Monkey See It's time again for the Best Picture Showcase — our live-tweeted marathon of Best Picture nominees, and only by following along will you know if we pass out halfway through.
NPR logo The Best Picture Marathon Is On

The Best Picture Marathon Is On

As explained recently, today kicks off my adventure with the Best Picture Showcase. Up tomorrow: Avatar! Up In The Air! Precious! The Blind Side! Inglourious Basterds!

I think it's fair to acknowledge that we're all waking up to some pretty scary news regarding the earthquake in Chile as well as the folks waiting out tsunami warnings. Opportunities to help will undoubtedly emerge, but for the moment, please don't take the fact that I'm going about my day as an indication of anything other than the fact that for now, there's not a whole lot else to be done from where I sit. As I often tell people when they refer to a specific crisis and ask whether I think pop culture is, at the moment, the most important thing going on in the world: I don't think it's ever the most pressing thing going on in the world, whether there is a specific headline on a given day or not. It just happens to be what we do here, so on we go.

Aaaaanyway. The easiest way to follow along is our Twitter feed, but some of you are not Twitter folks, so you can come back to the blog and check in on me and see how I'm doing.

Update: The Marathon is over for now, but I'll be back on duty next Saturday with District 9, An Education, The Hurt Locker, Up, and A Serious Man.

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