NPR logo Morning Shots: TV And The Internet, Matt Damon And RFK, And Rebranding Books


Morning Shots: TV And The Internet, Matt Damon And RFK, And Rebranding Books

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• It's been nearly ten years since I got involved in the intersection between television and the Internet, and now it's official: Television and the Internet apparently have something to do with each other, and The New York Times says so.

• Matt Damon is reportedly set to play Robert F. Kennedy in a biopic. It's a piece of casting that, once you hear it, sounds sort of head-slappingly obvious, in my opinion.

• Well, that's uncomfortable: one writer is finding out that not everybody with a great story is telling the truth.

A popular show suspends production and Lifehacker showcases DIY, after the jump.

• In a development I think many suspected was coming sooner or later, production on Two And A Half Men has been temporarily halted while Charlie Sheen enters "preventative" rehab, whatever that means. (Not that it's any of anybody's business, but ... odd choice of words.)

• Over at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, there's a terrific interview with an author whose books were rebranded and issued with new covers, to position them more as mysteries and less as romances. It's the kind of nuts-and-bolts stuff that's a lot of fun to read about, but you need specific examples, which are helpfully provided.

• Lifehacker is absolutely one of my favorite places on the Internet, and they're running some very cool stuff during their DIY Week, including how to cook in your dishwasher and a chance to share your proudest DIY moment. Good stuff.

• Amusing: Screenwriter queries Supreme Court justices about how a fictional case would play out. More amusing: Justice Scalia answers.