NPR logo Olympic Events We Will Invent Ourselves In The Next 24 Hours If It Keeps Snowing


Olympic Events We Will Invent Ourselves In The Next 24 Hours If It Keeps Snowing

A woman makes her way through the blizzard in Washington DC on February 10, 2010.

This lady was spotted getting through the D.C. blizzard today. We feel her pain. Mandel Ngan/Getty Images hide caption

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1. Icicle Dart-Throwing Into Own Eye

2. Snowman Construction (Easter Island Statue Division)

3. 500-Meter Butterfly In Regulation-Sized Pool Of Hot Cocoa

4. Driveway Ice Dancing

5. Whiskey Gulping

6. Curling Into Fetal Position Instead Of With Broom

7. Claustrophobic Window-Banging

8. Screaming Like Crazy Person Out Open Window While Sobbing Uncontrollably

9. Rhythmic Gymnastics Performed With Downed Power Lines Instead Of Ribbons

10. Two-Man Luge With Neighbor Shoveling Driveway Who's Frankly Lookin' Better Every Minute

11. Anticlimactic Ski Jump From Roof To Snowdrift Inches Below Roof

12. Spice Hockey (Played On Kitchen Floor With Cardboard Poster Tubes)

13. Synchronized Food Hoarding

14. Iceminton

15. Biathlon Where Instead Of Skiing There Is Sitting On The Couch And Instead Of Shooting There Is Working The Remote

16. Despairathon

17. Slamming Door As Quickly As Possible After Pondering Going Outside

18. Digging For Pedestrians

19. Finding Your White Pet With A Locator Beacon

20. Speed-Skating In Socks While Screaming "How's This, Apolo Anton Ohno?"



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