NPR logo Morning Shots: 3D Overload, Musicians On Drugs, And Bad 'Daily Show' News


Morning Shots: 3D Overload, Musicians On Drugs, And Bad 'Daily Show' News

cup of coffee.

• As someone who is not yet a believer in 3D, I certainly do not want to see every dang movie come out in 3D, Martin Scorsese. Ay yi yi.

• Roger Ebert's new voice, which he demonstrated on Oprah's show yesterday, doesn't quite sound like him, but it sounds enough like him that the circuitry in my head that spent many, many hours watching him on television definitely recognizes it. Here's the video.

• Interesting look at the phenomenon of young musicians using beta blockers to combat their nerves. I suppose it's better than some other things they could be using, but it seems to me that tamping down your adrenaline before a performance would have a downside as well as an upside, yes?

Writing rules, Hulu's big loss, and the Betty White update, after the jump.

• Here's another set of writing rules, and these are pretty funny. (Hat-tip to Bookninja.)

• Well, this isn't good news for Hulu: The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are both being pulled form the service, though they'll still be available online through Comedy Central.

• The current update on the Saturday Night Live Betty White campaign: There's a women of comedy special being planned, but that's not the Betty episode, should there turn out to be one. On the other hand, it sure sounds like the Betty idea is alive and well, if not yet a reality.