NPR logo Morning Shots: A Big 'Alice' Bow, New York's Oscar Rescue, And 'Viva Elvis'


Morning Shots: A Big 'Alice' Bow, New York's Oscar Rescue, And 'Viva Elvis'

cup of coffee.

• For those of you who like to keep track of the box office scorecard, Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland opened huge. No, really huge. Bigger-than-Avatar huge.

• A tense showdown between Disney and Cablevision, which kept the start of the Oscars off many New York televisions — was resolved 15 minutes into the show.

• Politico is reporting that Christiane Amanpour is a candidate for George Stephanopoulos' old seat on ABC's This Week.

Canada stays the course and Vegas demands quality, after the jump.

• Andrew Lloyd Webber's Love Never Dies — that's his Phantom Of The Opera sequel — hasn't opened yet, but that doesn't mean a lot of people don't already hate it.

• I enjoyed this lighthearted look at whether things like Oscar pools are legal — but take any legal advice from the Internet with a grain of salt, obviously.

• Canada has decided against changing the lyrics of the national anthem to be gender-neutral. (They were going to change them to "O Cana-ma," you see.) (Not really.)

This piece is a surprisingly thought-provoking suggestion that non-Vegas-based reviewers needed to expect more from the Vegas show Viva Elvis. (Yes, really.)



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