Morning Shots: Hollywood Trade Wars, An NBC Uptick, And More Gordon Ramsay : Monkey See In today's roundup: Variety gets tough, NBC gets on track, The Wall Street Journal announces its iPad price point, and more.
NPR logo Morning Shots: Hollywood Trade Wars, An NBC Uptick, And More Gordon Ramsay

Morning Shots: Hollywood Trade Wars, An NBC Uptick, And More Gordon Ramsay

cup of coffee.

• The future of the major Hollywood trade publications — basically The Hollywood Reporter and Variety — is one of those grotesquely insider-y things that I care about maybe twice a year. But this story, about Variety trying to pressure studios not to give exclusives to the competition with the threat of not including their announced news in, of all things, the print edition, is a strange one. Good perspective here from David Poland, but don't read the comments, because: swamp.

• If you can't get enough Gordon Ramsay on Hell's Kitchen, you'll be glad to know that Fox will be pairing it with another Ramsay competition show called MasterChef. Personally, I prefer the Ramsay of Kitchen Nightmares, but that's just me.

• Undoing the ridiculous Jay Leno prime-time experiment may already be paying dividends for NBC, according to Joe Adalian at The Wrap. Yes, that's partly because of The Marriage Ref, but it's also partly because of Parenthood. And interestingly, now that they've stopped treating drama like it doesn't matter, they've reportedly improved their standing with some scripted-show creators, who like the idea of working somewhere that needs a hit so badly.

• I realize the people who like The Wall Street Journal like it a lot, and people who like the iPad will also undoubtedly like it a lot. But I admit that I boggled a little at news that they'd be charging $17.99 per month to access the paper on the soon-to-appear toy. That's a lot of scratch for content nobody has exactly seen in action yet. If my math is right, based on a current online subscription rate of $1.99 per week advertised on their site, this is more than twice what they charge you to access the paper online right now. On the other hand, perhaps they've had good luck selling it for $14.99 a month for the portable Kindle. But more than double, to read it on the only semi-portable iPad? The WSJ is one of only a few publications to make a go of paywalls, but ... still.

• There are a bunch of reasons why I'm sad about this story about Megan Mullally quitting the Broadway revival of Terence McNally's Lips Together, Teeth Apart, leading to the postponement of the show. But chief among them is: How can I pick sides between Megan Mullally and Patton Oswalt? (I realize it's undoubtedly not personal, but ... I root for both of them! Always!)

• Cute story about the winner of a competition for the weirdest book title of the year. I can't believe Governing Lethal Behavior In Autonomous Robots didn't win. I mean, come on.

• And in case you didn't hear yesterday, the rights to Sarah Palin's Alaska, produced by The Apprentice's Mark Burnett, went to TLC.