NPR logo Morning Shots: 'Idol' Chatter, Conan Buys A Poster, And Elmore Leonard Speaks


Morning Shots: 'Idol' Chatter, Conan Buys A Poster, And Elmore Leonard Speaks

cup of coffee.

• We talked last week about the allegedly shocking Top 12 on American Idol, and one of the things I said was that I found Lilly Scott's song choices indicative of an attitude that was ... let's see ... "presumptuous and snobby." Now, I give you this interview, in which she says that "tweens" don't know who Patsy Cline is, and that's what went wrong (which makes absolutely no sense); her demographic was too busy "playing on a mountain" and that's what went wrong; and people didn't get to see her being "positive and cooperative" and that's what went wrong. In all seriousness, it is perhaps the most presumptuous and snobby interview I have ever read with someone who lowered herself to trying out for American Idol and now has bootee's remorse. Frankly, people can smell that attitude, and I think that's what went wrong.

• Alan Sepinwall has this delightful interview with Elmore Leonard, ahead of the debut tomorrow night of the new FX show Justified, the latest adaptation of his work. (I saw it back in January; it's terrific, as every critic I've talked to intends to tell you.)

• Conan O'Brien has paid real money to the guy who came up with the super-popular "I'm With Coco" art so that he can use it to promote his tour. Good for you, Conan.

Weekend box office, bands in museums, and our living language, after the jump.

The Green Zone had a rough opening weekend, despite the heavyweight credentials of Bourne trilogy collaborators Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass.

• I like this little piece about bands playing in museums. Not earth-shattering, but an interesting idea.

The Independent is talking about language and textspeak — it's an interesting perspective.