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Morning Shots: On Celebrity Honesty, 'Scott Pilgrim,' And The Olympic Logo

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• Rarely does the entire Internet seize en masse upon a single movie trailer like it has for the one for Scott Pilgrim Versus The World (starring Michael Cera); if you haven't seen it, it's well worth checking out, as is this painstaking slo-mo analysis, which sort of contains spoilers, but mostly provides some really interesting comparisons between the movie and the comics, just based on a very small sample of the film.

How To Train Your Dragon has gotten fantastic reviews and was very well-received by the audiences that saw it this weekend, but it didn't make quite as much money as was expected. Of course, as The L.A. Times notes, the great word of mouth could give it a longer run that could compensate for the relatively modest opening. Of course, it's also possible that it's the beginning of 3D kids' movie fatigue, which would be a more serious development.

• There was a sizable controversy floating around last week after actress Chloe Sevigny, in an interview with The A.V. Club, candidly expressed her displeasure with the most recent season of her show, Big Love. Naturally, this did not go over well, and Sevigny wound up not only apologizing two days later, but blaming the interviewer for "provoking" her. (By asking her, as it turns out, how she would respond to people who found the season over-the-top.)

Fortunately, out of this came a very thoughtful essay from Dan Fienberg at Hitfix, making the point that it's precisely this kind of hollow apology (not to mention gratuitous journalist-blaming) that makes so many celebrity interviews so boring. Highly recommended.

The Olympic logo and an apology for an old film, after the jump.

• I have to agree with this commentator: the London 2012 Olympic logo is pretty aggressively terrible.

• The screenwriter of Battlefield Earth has officially announced his regret, saying, "Of all the sucky movies, mine is the suckiest." (That's actually the part where he's momentarily proud.)

• Today in entertainment media own-foot-shooting news: Sony pulls down all of Beyonce's videos from YouTube. Hey, after all, what has YouTube ever done for Beyonce but mortally wound her career, right?