Morning Shots: Rob Lowe, NPH, Literary Mashups, And The Palin/Burnett Show : Monkey See In today's roundup: Sarah Palin's reported collaboration with reality uberproducer Mark Burnett, Neil Patrick Harris' collision with the Smurfs, and another tough day for The Hurt Locker.
NPR logo Morning Shots: Rob Lowe, NPH, Literary Mashups, And The Palin/Burnett Show

Morning Shots: Rob Lowe, NPH, Literary Mashups, And The Palin/Burnett Show

cup of coffee.

• I find the idea of Rob Lowe on Parks & Recreation odd, but ultimately very promising. They never knew what to do with that guy on Brothers & Sisters, really, and he's got a good feel for comedy. That could definitely work.

• It's been a tough week for The Hurt Locker, heading into the Oscars. First, there was a breach of Academy rules about campaigning (rules, it must be said, that are weirdly devoted to pretending against all available evidence that Oscars are not about politicking). Now, there's a lawsuit claiming that the screenplay is based on a real bomb disposal expert.

• Neil Patrick Harris is apparently headed for the Smurfs movie. He's acknowledged it to Twitter, so this is not someone's weird hallucination.

A new awards show, literary mashups, and a Palin-Burnett combination that could prove rather fascinating, after the jump.

• As this piece points out, there are lots (and lots) of movie awards, but the Emmys have a pretty firm grip on awards in television that are widely known. The Paley Center is considering giving the Emmys some competition, and considering how unsatisfactory the Emmy Awards have been for the last several years (snubbing The Wire so utterly over its five seasons seems to have been a final straw in the minds of some critics of my acquaintance), an alternative might be welcome.

• You've heard of Pride And Prejudice And Zombies, and Sense And Sensibility And Sea Monsters, and there's also the upcoming Android Karenina. Is this phenomenon reaching its saturation point?

Wired continues to monitor the upcoming plan to charge for online access to The New York Times.

• Sarah Palin is reportedly shopping a "docudrama" show with producer Mark Burnett. Now, the description compares it to Planet Earth about Alaska, but while Burnett does have some experience with beautiful looks at natural environments as a side note to shows like Survivor and Eco-Challenge, it's extremely difficult for me to believe that you get together with Mark Burnett to make anything in the Planet Earth vein. We will have to see where this is headed, if anywhere at all.