NPR logo Morning Shots: Wimpy Kids Rule, Conan Talks To Fox, And 'Glee' Drops Some Hints


Morning Shots: Wimpy Kids Rule, Conan Talks To Fox, And 'Glee' Drops Some Hints

cup of coffee.

• The Conan saga continues: He's talking to Fox again, but he can't appear on Idol Gives Back for contractual reasons. But on the other-other hand, as savvy observers have noted, there's a hole in his comedy-tour schedule that coincides with the Fox upfronts — which could certainly be a real coincidence, or a hedge, or a sign. So we know nothing. Clear enough?

• This weekend at the box office, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid just barely beat out The Bounty Hunter, which comes as a huge surprise to people who don't understand just how powerful the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid books are.

• The Joffrey Ballet is developing a reality show. Hey, don't knock it — people love dancing. Ask Donny Osmond.

• Interesting piece at Women & Hollywood, which reproduces a speech by writer Theresa Rebeck, who looks at some numbers regarding plays written by women. Her bottom line: "Generally, over the last 25 years the number of plays produced that were written by women seems to have vacillated between 12 and 17 percent."

The scoop on Madonna and Glee, television characters trying to act real, and a great video on the future of publishing, after the jump.

• Are you dying for information about the Glee episode devoted to Madonna songs? Well, there is some available, though I admit the wisdom of robbing fans of the chance to hear song versions on the show for the first time and having it be a surprise kind of escapes me.

• Look, I like social media as much as the next person. But so-called real-time tweets from a television character make absolutely no sense. The "real time" that the show airs has nothing to do with the "real time" that the character lives in. All this does, it seems to me, is fall into the trap of assuming that because people enjoy a show, they do not understand that the show isn't real.

• I give you a lot of tidbits about publishing and e-books and Kindles and the alleged smell of wisdom around these parts; here's a marvelous video on the subject. Really, really clever. (Hat-tip to Bookninja.)