This Weekend: Let Your Prehensile Hair Down And Party With Our Oscar Team : Monkey See We have plenty on the docket for Oscar weekend, including a liveblog, part two of my encounter with the Best Picture marathon, and an appearance by a comedy staff you might recognize.
NPR logo This Weekend: Let Your Prehensile Hair Down And Party With Our Oscar Team

This Weekend: Let Your Prehensile Hair Down And Party With Our Oscar Team

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Oh, there's so much planned for Oscar weekend, I don't even know where to start.

Tomorrow, of course, is the second leg of my Oscarthon at the Best Picture Showcase, where I'll be seeing Up, A Serious Man, The Hurt Locker, An Education, and District 9. (The good news is that this makes for a significantly shorter day than the one that had Avatar and Inglourious Basterds in it.) The theater-olution will be tweeted.

Tomorrow is also the day the completely crazy people who signed up for the 24-hour, ten-movie, all-at-once Best Picture Showcase attend that, and then pour out into the streets with their eyes bleeding, still dragging the theater seats that they pulled up by the bolts after finding them welded to their tailbones.

So if you're doing that, enjoy it.

NPR will also have a red-carpet slideshow featuring commentary from — and this is fairly exciting, in my humble opinion — members of the staff of Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! If you want to know what form this might take, please enjoy their recent blog entry on Olympic fashion. I have worked a little with the Wait Wait staff, and their ability to generate fantastic jokes in bulk is freakishly impressive and extremely intimidating. This will be very, very good stuff, and it will go up following the red-carpet arrivals, just as soon as we can get it to you.

Also on Oscar Sunday, we will be liveblogging the Oscars here at Monkey See, where I will be joined by Monkey See contributors Joe Reid and Marc Hirsh. In the past, Joe and I have both worked together and (trivia!) argued over mouse-disposal responsibilities in the Brooklyn apartment where we were once roommates. He has written about television and movies extensively, including at his blog, Low Resolution. I recommend his discussion of the best films of 2009, if you're looking for an idea of what he likes to see in a movie, or the rest of the Low Res movie awards, or a sampling of his movie reviews. (Caution: when not writing at NPR, Joe occasionally uses salty language. Does this also when dealing with mice. I'm just saying.)

Marc is well-known to regular Monkey See-ers, having written for us about movies that have to create fictional art, and how Lost would be different if the plane never crashed, and lots of other things. (He was also responsible for introducing me to Pomplamoose, and therefore for introducing some of you to Pomplamoose.) Marc writes frequently for NPR Music's Song Of The Day, and is a music writer at The Boston Globe. He has received hate mail from both people who love Clay Aiken and people who love Black Sabbath. Marc is also one of those people who, even before getting involved in Oscar coverage, would maniacally (I mean this nicely, of course) make sure to see every Best Picture nominee every year.

We are all varying kinds of movie/pop-culture/Oscar nerds, is what I'm saying. And we look forward to the opportunity to enjoy the Oscars with you.