NPR logo 'Moby-Dick' Tomorrow: Bring Your Thoughts On The First Ten Chapters


'Moby-Dick' Tomorrow: Bring Your Thoughts On The First Ten Chapters

I think — I think — we are going to be able to make a live chat this week less cacophonous than the Twilight discussion, which was kind of like a wonderful episode of Life where a million ants are crawling all over each other, and it's hard to make out what any one of them is doing, but the group effort is very impressive.

I believe that things with Moby-Dick are going to go differently, for a few reasons, so I want to give it another shot. I think that 1:00 p.m. worked about as well as any daytime hour is going to work — I know not all of you can get away from work, but if I start doing these at night, then I will ... never get away from work myself.

Thus, finish your first ten chapters (and, of course, the four squillion opening epigrams regarding whales), and I'll post the live chat tomorrow, and we'll get started around 1:00. Once again, if nobody shows up, you can watch me fill time, just like Ryan Seacrest!

Don't forget to check out Power Moby Dick, my personal favorite site for gentle nudges about references I sort of do not understand. You can follow them on Twitter, too.