NPR logo Morning Shots: Oprah's Next Show, Taylor Kitsch, And Book Sales Figures


Morning Shots: Oprah's Next Show, Taylor Kitsch, And Book Sales Figures

cup of coffee.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Oprah Winfrey is about to announce that after her syndicated daytime show ends, she'll be taking on an evening show on her new cable network, OWN.

• Also from the WSJ, if you want to get a little creeped out, explore a little concept called "behavior placement." It's like product placement, but with more invisible mind control. They seem to be using it mostly for "green" messages so far, but it gives me the willies nevertheless.

• I am among the people who believe that Taylor Kitsch, who plays Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights, has the potential to be a big movie star. His latest move? Signing up with FNL producer and director Peter Berg for an adaptation of the game Battleship. You know, "You sank my battleship!"? They're making ... a movie. Hrm.

• Speaking of NBC dramas, here's an update on how things are going for Parenthood as it faces off against, among many other things, CBS's popular The Good Wife.

American song, book sales, studio iPad sites, and more, after the jump.

• An interesting perspective in The Washington Post argues that "American song" may be a somewhat difficult genre to precisely define.

• Book sales declined 1.8 percent in 2009, according to the Association Of American Publishers, which is a slower decline than was recorded in 2008. Notably, e-Book sales grew 176.6 percent.

This great visual gives you an idea of how movie studio sites currently look on the iPad. This will undoubtedly change in a hurry, but suffice it to say that not everybody was ready for the arrival of this device and its limitations.

• If you haven't seen the shots of Slash wearing an "I'm With Coco" pin on Jay Leno's show, they're worth a mischievous peek.