NPR logo Morning Shots: A Big Typo, An Emmy Host, And 'No, Die Even Harder'


Morning Shots: A Big Typo, An Emmy Host, And 'No, Die Even Harder'

cup of coffee.

• Two interesting perspectives on television viewing from the UK: The Economist looks at how people really watch, while the BBC notes that viewing is up overall.

• Now this is an embarrassing blunder: "Hey, um, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, you know how you're so totally famous that you got a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame? That doesn't mean that, in making your star, we can spell your name correctly."

• The Parents Television Council is mad at Family Guy producer Seth MacFarlane for allegedly "taunting" the FCC with a particularly gross episode.

• Jimmy Fallon has been tapped to host the Emmys on NBC this fall. As you may know, I am a defender of Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Fallon's show; I'll be interested to see how he does in this slot.

The New York Observer rolls out pageview-based bonuses for reporters, among other things. I don't take any particular position on this story, but there's something about the memo that's kind of "check out this Internet whiz-bang stuff!" that I find slightly alarming and yet adorable.

• Joel McHale's inevitable rise to greatness continues as he's cast in a movie opposite Anna Faris.

Die Hard's inevitable ruin through overexposure continues as there is now yet another script in the works. The first one is so good; why are they determined to ruin it for me? Why?

• Lacey Rose at Forbes (she's good to follow on Twitter, by the way, for TV stuff) brings you TV's biggest moneymakers — with the caveat that new shows trade on expectations, not performance, when they sell ads, so Glee does worse than you might expect, while V does a whole lot better.