Morning Shots: An 'Iron Man 2' Opening And NBC's Reworked Schedule

cup of coffee.

• Is Disney considering a stage adaptation of Romy & Michele's High School Reunion and a whole lot of other stories? Well, it's important not to take the very cheap bet-hedging maneuver of reserving URLs too seriously, but Disney has grabbed a whole bunch. (Hat-tip to Slashfilm.)

• The biggest movie this weekend, domestically speaking, was the new A Nightmare On Elm Street, which brought in a healthy $32.2 million. But the big story happened overseas, where Iron Man 2 — released a week earlier in most of the world than it will be in the U.S., because of the World Cup — has already made $100 million.

The New York Times' Bill Carter is always NBC's reporter of choice when it decides to talk about strategy; this weekend, it had a few things to say about spending money to build up the prime-time schedule after, you know, blowing it up with a big-chinned grenade.

After the jump: A great quiz, summer movies, and NBC's great prime-time drama that's about to return.

• I'll be talking more this week about Friday Night Lights, which brings its fourth season to NBC this Friday, but Heather Havrilesky at Salon has done a nice job of creating a comprehensive cheat sheet to bring latecomers up to speed.

• Puzzle yourself with this quiz in which you are asked to identify the characters played by various guest actors on The West Wing. (Hat-tip to A List Of Things Thrown Five Minutes Ago.)

• Are these the most anticipated movies of the summer? Well, that probably depends on who you are.



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