NPR logo Morning Shots: 'Iron Man' Money, Amazon Typos, And Brad Bird


Morning Shots: 'Iron Man' Money, Amazon Typos, And Brad Bird

cup of coffee.

• Brad Bird is confirmed as the choice to direct Mission Impossible 4. Yes, that's Brad Bird from Ratatouille and The Iron Giant and The Incredibles. Cool. (Hat-tip to Slashfilm.)

This is an interesting development: it turns out Amazon won't come into your Kindle to fix a typo unless you ask them to. This is for your own good, they argue. (Hat-tip to Galleycat.)

• I wasn't kidding when I said there just wasn't a lot of big news this morning. I am left with things like this: Hey, there's a release date for the Planet Of The Apes prequel!

A TV cameo from the world of horror and more, after the jump.

• Stephen King will be making an appearance on FX's Sons Of Anarchy. He will play "a quiet loner." I'm sure he's no threat to anyone, though.

Iron Man 2 is already raking in the dough. Not a huge surprise there, particularly given that the week's other big release is Babies. I have heard that one is about babies.

• You can hurt yourself conducting an orchestra. You can seriously get a sports injury.