Morning Shots: 'Iron Man,' Paul Rudd, And Kristin Chenoweth : Monkey See In this morning's roundup: Kristin Chenoweth gets fired up, Paul Rudd has some big plans, and Iron Man 2 gets all stompy on the competition.
NPR logo Morning Shots: 'Iron Man,' Paul Rudd, And Kristin Chenoweth

Morning Shots: 'Iron Man,' Paul Rudd, And Kristin Chenoweth

cup of coffee.

• Unsurprisingly, the Betty White episode of Saturday Night Live brought in huge ratings, unmatched since one of the Fey-as-Palin episodes in November 2008.

• Also getting a massive response this weekend: Iron Man 2, which has already taken in more money than you can shake a giant red metal suit at.

Newsweek recently ran a commentary in which the writer complained that gay men can very rarely portray straight men convincingly. His primary evidence was Sean Hayes, currently starring in Promises, Promises on Broadway opposite Kristin Chenoweth. It is safe to say that Kristin Chenoweth did not take kindly to the comments about Hayes, gay actors in general, or Jonathan Groff, currently on Glee. (I have to say, I shared the response of many who read the original Newsweek piece and thought, "Well, I either didn't ever know Jonathan Groff was gay or I completely forgot, so apparently, it didn't bother me too terribly much when I was watching him on Glee.")

Paul Rudd news, after the jump.

• Paul Rudd represents the main point of overlap between the Judd Apatow Comedy Axis and the David Wain Comedy Axis (you probably know the former; the latter is responsible for projects including The State, Wet Hot American Summer, and Party Down). Thus, it makes sense that he's involved in the project that will bring the two together.

• Okay, Andy Rooney is just parodying himself, right? Right

• I'm not sure what to make of this cable "hot list," except that it apparently proves that at least where perception is concerned, TBS has already done itself a big favor by signing Conan O'Brien. Reality will be a different question.