NPR logo Morning Shots: Patrick Dempsey Puzzlement And Comedy Central News

Morning Shots: Patrick Dempsey Puzzlement And Comedy Central News

cup of coffee.

• I have to say, not really understanding the decision to put Patrick Dempsey in Transformers 3. Not understanding it from any direction. Not understanding for whom that's a good idea. At all.

• Next in the e-book battles: books from Google.

• Interesting media-related data point, for what it's worth: Slate has apparently had a good quarter, revenue-wise.

After the jump: Connick kills on Idol and Antonio Banderas comes home.

• The Live Feed blog at The Hollywood Reporter has this rather remarkable rundown of everything that's percolating at Comedy Central. Some of it sounds intriguing, and some of it sounds ... nuts, even for Comedy Central.

• I just want to 100 percent cosign the comments of the always-sharp Lisa deMoraes at The Washington Post who notes here two very important facts: American Idol should cling to Harry Connick, Jr. like a lifeboat, and it should absolutely not under any circumstances enter into a long-term relationship with Jamie Foxx, who acted like a total jerk last time he was the mentor.

• And one more piece of movie news: Antonio Banderas is returning to the directorial arms of Pedro Almodovar.