NPR logo Morning Shots: 'Peak' Movies, What TV Directors Do, And Self-Publishing


Morning Shots: 'Peak' Movies, What TV Directors Do, And Self-Publishing

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Yet another tweak to the movie ticket pricing game: at least one theater is now charging extra to attend movies at "peak times," even if the theater is mostly empty. One day, buying a movie ticket is going to be as complicated as buying a plane ticket, and no one in the room will have paid the same price.

The plan to have the two American Idol finalists release covers of relatively well-known songs hasn't been a big success, as Lee DeWyze's cover of "Beautiful Day" has done even worse than Kris Allen's debut recording of the legendarily horrible "No Boundaries," a song so bad that they stopped using it during the tour over the summer. (...Or so I heard, er, totally third-hand.) And "Beautiful Day," in turn, has done twice as well as Crystal Bowersox's first single. Apathy has set in!

The founder and editor-in-chief of Jezebel is moving on, which is pretty big news in what I would call the "blogosphere" if I didn't hate the word "blogosphere."

If you've ever felt a little confused by the division of labor between directors and producers on TV, and how it differs from the division of labor on a movie, this piece offers perspectives from a few names in the business.

There is a lot to absorb in this lengthy roundtable discussion among reality television personalities including Dr. Drew Pinsky, Kathy Griffin, Phil "The Philiminator" Keoghan, and the producer of Jersey Shore.

Self-publishing and digital books, and what it all means for traditional publishers: the conversation continues.

One final note: All due credit to Slashfilm for noticing that The Wire is on megadeal for $89.99 at Amazon — that's the whole series. Normally, buying stuff is not newsworthy, but five seasons of The Wire for what it would cost to buy maybe four so-so two-hour movies on DVD? That's news.

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