Morning Shots: Wagner, 'Twilight' Food, Hardcover Sales, And The Smurfs : Monkey See In this morning's roundup: Wagner's influence on film, the arrival of some very famous blue cartoon characters, the magic of Edward Cullen's non-appetite, and strong book sales.
NPR logo Morning Shots: Wagner, 'Twilight' Food, Hardcover Sales, And The Smurfs

Morning Shots: Wagner, 'Twilight' Food, Hardcover Sales, And The Smurfs

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The wait is over for the first teaser trailer for next summer's Smurfs movie. In 3D! Three entire dimensions of Smurfs! The Smurfs discover the z-axis!

Okay, let's get serious. Really serious. Downright Wagnerian, actually. Here's a piece discussing the influence of Richard Wagner on the world of film scores.

Did you think we would never return to the topic of Twilight? Oh, how wrong you were. One writer believes that part of the reason teenage girls go for Edward is that he's so obsessed with encouraging Bella to eat.

Movie studios: "Hey, wouldn't it be swell if you could watch a movie on demand in the comfort of your own home, not long after it was available in theaters?" Movie theater owners: "Hey, about that ...."

The latest book sales figures contain some good news and some bad news, but the news is good for adult hardcovers, where sales were up almost 50 percent in April from the year before.

They wouldn't really put Kate Gosselin on The Bachelorette, would they? I mean, they wouldn't. Would they?

And finally: We've talked a few times about those darned Glee DVDs — the first 13 episodes came out at Christmas, in what seemed to be a classic attempt to get people to buy the same thing twice (the half-season, then the full season). But it turns out that there will be a DVD of the last nine episodes as well. Now, it will have absolutely no extras, it will only be on DVD (not Blu-ray), and these nine episodes will cost the same as the first 13. That means that if you already own the first 13 episodes, buying the back nine instead of buying the full-season set (on which you'd get a rebate) will only save you ten dollars. But hey, it's ten dollars, and it's good to see they're at least offering those last nine on their own.