NPR logo Morning Shots: Anything Goes, Amanda Bynes, Beach Boys and Toy Story Threes


Morning Shots: Anything Goes, Amanda Bynes, Beach Boys and Toy Story Threes

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How many reports about Toy Story 3's record-breaking opening weekend involve the phrase "to infinity and beyond"? Well, here's one.'s new "Levels of Service" is causing so much consternation amongst those who feel that it puts publishers with smaller budgets at a marked disavantage that nobody's willing to go on record with Publisher's Weekly about it. (Cue people going on record about it.)

Mike Love is telling the Las Vegas Sun that he will reunite with Brian Wilson and Al Jardine, the surviving original members of the Beach Boys, for the group's 50th anniversary next year. But then, Mike Love says a lot of things.

I have a theory that anybody involved in theatre at any level — school, community, professional, whatever — will at some point in their lives be involved in a production of Anything Goes. (I call it my Grand Unified Anything Goes Theory.) Come February, it comes back to Broadway, but don't worry if you don't get cast in it; you'll be in a production of it somewhere soon enough.

Amanda Bynes has tweeted her retirement at the ripe old age of 24. So that's heartbreaking news for 14-year-old you, who has just felt an uncomfortable ripple in the fabric of space-time many years in the past.

Two rumors that could cause your inner geek to hyperventilate and need to take a time out (while your outer geek simply says, "Man, that'd be rad"): Marvel Comics might be testing the waters on some of their lower-profile characters with a series of live-action short films, and District 9 director Neill Blomkamp may be directing The Hobbit now that Guillermo del Toro has left. THESE ARE JUST RUMORS YOU HAVE TO BREATHE. Get yourself a juice box.