NPR logo Morning Shots: Box Office, Phony 3D, A New Pennywise, And Tobolowsky Fever


Morning Shots: Box Office, Phony 3D, A New Pennywise, And Tobolowsky Fever

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The entertainment industry is still awakening from its sleepy holiday weekend, so it's not bursting at the seams with news this morning. On the other hand, weekend box office numbers demonstrate that neither The Twilight Saga: Eclipse nor The Last Airbender struggled particularly as a result of low critical marks — both raked in big money, although Eclipse admittedly made a smidge less than New Moon out of the gate.

Is there a Please Don't Feel Obligated To Re-engineer Star Wars In Faked-Up 3D petition? Because I would sign it.

I'm also not sure that Stephen King's It needs a feature-film version, given that the 1990 ABC miniseries is a relic of the era when networks actually did a reasonably good job with that sort of thing. Honestly, who's going to be a scarier scary clown than Tim Curry? Nobody, that's who.

One Telegraph writer takes the position that the modern novel has become much too boring.

Don't miss Alan Sepinwall's interview with Stephen Tobolowsky, who plays Sandy Ryerson on Glee, has 200 IMDB credits since 1976, and is the star of an unexpected podcast. If the name "Stephen Tobolowsky" doesn't ring a bell, rest assured that you have just experienced the phenomenon of Stephen Tobolowsky.

And speaking of Glee: the latest actor to line up his Glee guest spot is Javier Bardem. Presumably, he's leaving the pneumatic bolt gun at home. Otherwise, that would be a very special episode indeed.