NPR logo Morning Shots: The Pixar Culture, The A-ha Contest, And 'Law & Order' Talk


Morning Shots: The Pixar Culture, The A-ha Contest, And 'Law & Order' Talk

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A nice piece in The Guardian examines some of the principles at work at Pixar — like having everyone eat breakfast and lunch together.

Don't say the bands of your youth never gave anything back to the culture: A-ha, for instance, is setting up some huge prizes to goose the careers of Norwegian bands.

NBC has recast a major role in Outsourced — the comedy that's effectively getting Parks And Recreation's spot in the fall while P&R waits for midseason. If the trailers are any indication, it's going to take more than that. (Here's the game I played with that trailer: Is there anything in that trailer that's funny if nobody has an accent?)

It's always tough to swim against the tide, so I give all due respect to anyone who's going to stand up for The Last Airbender right now.

I'm kind of confused by the news that Bruce Willis allegedly has his own fragrance. Confused in so many, many ways.

It's the kind of talk that often has to be taken with a grain of salt, given that practically every network show with a respectable number of devoted fans now goes through various "will it move to cable?" rumors before it finally dies. But Vulture is reporting that AMC has inquired about the possibility of reviving Law & Order. L&O strikes me as massively off-brand for AMC, which has made its name in scripted drama with the daring, moody Mad Men and Breaking Bad, and seems like exactly the wrong place at this moment in history for an old-fashioned crime procedural. Nevertheless, if somebody still thinks there's life in the franchise, perhaps there is.