NPR logo Morning Shots: Lady Gaga, LeBron James, Frying An Egg, And Wonder Woman

Morning Shots: Lady Gaga, LeBron James, Frying An Egg, And Wonder Woman

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Far be it from Borders to let Barnes & Noble and Amazon have the e-Book market all to themselves; they're getting into the act.

Monkey See's own Glen Weldon (we call him our own, you see) shares thoughts on the monster hits of summer (see what we did there?).

If your reaction to Avatar was "I liked it, but I wanted it to be longer," take heart! It's being rereleased, so that you can pay 3D prices again to see an additional eight minutes of footage.

Lady Gaga's snub will not stand! The rules for Best New Artist — perhaps the Grammys' goofiest category to begin with — are being tweaked.

Hey, remember all that stuff about Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno and David Letterman and so forth? Turns out they might all be doomed, because you're not watching any of them.

I find this an extremely funny story about a fairly staid institution trying to have a good time and stepping on its own feet a bit. Extremely funny. Though I totally sympathize; people are brutal when fun goes awry.

Weeds came out with a bunch of announcements yesterday about what it's got on tap, including the arrival of Richard Dreyfuss.

The Mediaworks blog at Ad Age has a few thoughts about today's LeBron James blowout extravaganza party event on ESPN.

Do you like stories about Wonder Woman? Do you like stories about Joss Whedon? Do you like stories about wearing pants? If so, welcome to Monkey See! And also: enjoy these pictures of what, just possibly, a Whedonized Mrs. Wonder might have looked like.

Salon offers thoughts on the art world's unhappy response to Bravo's show Work Of Art: The Next Great Artist.

And finally: TV Land is apparently happy with the Betty-White-starring Hot In Cleveland, because it's re-upped for a second season.