NPR logo Morning Shots: Weekend Box Office, LeBron's Ratings, And A Hulk Meltdown


Morning Shots: Weekend Box Office, LeBron's Ratings, And A Hulk Meltdown

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The LeBron James Unintentional Comedy And Variety Hour on ESPN grabbed 10 million viewers. That's the good news. The bad news is that Jim Gray is being harshly criticized for the pudding-like consistency of the questions he put to James. Gray denies, however, reports that he was being paid by James' team for the interview.

This weekend at the box office, Despicable Me finished first, knocking The Twilight Saga: Eclipse off the throne by bringing in more than $60 million. We do love us some adorable kids' movies this summer.

Expert: "E-mail has killed the art of complaining." Everyone in my address book, under their breath: "I wish."

The New York Times looks at participatory movie showings, like the currently touring Grease sing-along. Which is not coming anywhere near me. Not that I am bitter about this at all.

Did you enjoy Edward Norton as The Hulk? Too bad. Marvel is going with someone else, The Avengers, and went so far as to release a statement that says, in effect, "We thought we'd go with someone less difficult." Norton's agent says that's nonsense, and it's a financial dispute being dressed up as something more. But it does appear that this particular Hulk will not be smashing for Marvel any time soon.

"No one knows what mass culture has done to elite culture." (And other refreshingly direct expressions of contempt.)

I think, but am not sure, that this real-estate hotshot is instructing his staff to read Twilight. (via Bookninja)

If you get your cable television from AT&T's U-verse, you've probably heard that a carriage dispute is threatening to pull AMC from your dial right before the fourth-season premiere of Mad Men. (And you'll lose IFC, which is currently airing Freaks And Geeks, not to mention WE, which will disappoint enthusiastic fans of Bridezillas.)