NPR logo Morning Shots: Seriously, Paul Rudd, You Shouldn't Put Yourself Down


Morning Shots: Seriously, Paul Rudd, You Shouldn't Put Yourself Down

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Highly recommended: an essay from Tasha Robinson at The A.V. Club, discussing how an artist's personal life or professed opinions should or inevitably do affect the way you see their art. This is a very worthwhile contribution to the discussion of an increasingly vexing problem.

So Paul Rudd, about to show up in Dinner For Schmucks, is also going to be in a movie called My Idiot Brother? Do we need to do an intervention? You know, self-esteem-wise?

Awkward Family Photos is one of the many wish-you'd-thought-of-that blogs to get a recent book deal; now it's got an expanded book deal.

No surprises in the final results of Cinematical's tournament to find the best summer movie of all time.

The Wrap has this examination of whether 3D is on the wane; Slashfilm has these cautionary words. Various industry types offer their official positions here.

Everyone remotely famous apparently has to show up on The Simpsons sooner or later; now Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will, too.

Hey, you know what does not sound like fun to me at all? Seth MacFarlane (who makes Family Guy) roasting David Hasselhoff. Yeesh.

ESPN's ombudsman wrote an interesting piece yesterday about the LeBron James SuperFantastic Hour Of Power and what he feels were the problems with its presentation.