NPR logo Morning Shots: More Country Music, And Lindsay Lohan As Pop-Culture Barometer


Morning Shots: More Country Music, And Lindsay Lohan As Pop-Culture Barometer

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You will probably not be surprised to hear that Inception topped the weekend box office yet again. Right behind it was Dinner For Schmucks, inspiring The Guardian to ask why American comedies are no good. You may notice that in the process of so doing, the writer goes on to list twice as many American comedies that he thinks are just dandy.

More fun with cultural differences: read this British report of Lindsay Lohan's release from jail. Now look at this American report and this one. Granted, the first is from the Los Angeles Times (making it local news, sort of) and second is from E!, but still.

The Academy Of Country Music Awards and the Country Music Awards not satisfyin' your itch for some a-twangin' and a-fiddlin'? Get ready for the American Country Awards. Some days I think they're just inventing new shows for no other reason than to give trophies to Taylor Swift.

The Onion A.V. Club offers a look at actors cut from notable movies.

British comedian Stewart Lee talks about the secret flipside of collecting CDs, records or books: the necessity to also become a shelving aficionado.

If your shelves can handle it, Lifehacker will show you how to "back up" your vinyl with a hard copy. The cynics out there might suggest that this is simply one more method of music piracy, but the time, equipment and effort necessary seem like they'd dissuade all but the most deranged and/or Luddite of pirates.

Look, we all love Dana Delany, okay? But there is a time and a place for asking her for an autograph. That time is not right after you've hit her with a bus.