NPR logo Morning Shots: Schwimmer's Revenge, Nolan's Disney Secret And Li'l Tina Fey


Morning Shots: Schwimmer's Revenge, Nolan's Disney Secret And Li'l Tina Fey

a cup of coffee

Oboist, record producer, talent scout, singalong leader and Rat Pack Chess Set black king Mitch Miller has died.

Let the horror that Tina Fey awoke to late yesterday (she sleeps late in this particular joke construction) be a lesson to all aspiring actors: never accept jobs early in your career or this could happen to you.

Cinematical ponders the question of why there's such a disparity in the presence of funny women in movies v. television. Christopher Hitchens, you keep quiet.

It's every creative-type's worst nightmare: you make a grand artistic statement like Inception, only to discover that someone else has gotten there first. Christopher Nolan, you've been beaten to the punch by Scrooge McDuck. (Contains spoilers, sort of.) (Hat-tip to Digg.)

Daily Intel would like to call for a moratorium on Minority Report analogies.

As if in cosmic rebuke to that wildly awkward question asked of Matthew Perry at TCA, the preview for David Schwimmer's Trust spent a good chunk of yesterday exploding all over the web.

Why does this porn parody (link entirely safe for work! except for general creepiness!) of The X-Files look better, story- and atmosphere-wise, than the last season of the show itself? Regardless of the answer, I can think of few things less conducive to putting someone in the mood than every single thing that happens in this trailer.



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