NPR logo Morning Shots: Bill Cosby Is Not Dead, But Bugs Bunny May Want To Be Soon


Morning Shots: Bill Cosby Is Not Dead, But Bugs Bunny May Want To Be Soon

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Bill Cosby is understandably unamused by repeated run-ins with Twitter rumors that he's dead. I have to say, I hope it's many many years before he actually dies, but when he does, it's going to be really hard to convince people.

Kanye West is talking about collaborators on his upcoming album. It's largely people you might expect. You know, Beyonce, Jay-Z ... Bon Iver.

So here's a bad start to your day: the words "live-action CGI hybrid Bugs Bunny movie" have just entered your life.

I have to say, Yahoo!: Some part of me rebels internally against the idea of using a style guide issued by a company that continues to insist that its name has an exclamation point in it.

Enjoy this update on the progress of the film adaptation of the game Battleship. I already know it's not going to have anyone saying "You sank my battleship!" and it already makes me sad.

Before coming up with the "Yah-wah!" ending where the Ewoks have their party, the producers of The Return Of The Jedi considered a much sadder ending, but things changed — according to one producer, partly because of toy sales.

The comic strip Cathy is coming to an end. Fortunately, we can all carry her self-loathing in our hearts forever.



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