NPR logo Morning Shots: Box Office, 'The Hurt Locker' In 3D, And The Bieb's Revenge


Morning Shots: Box Office, 'The Hurt Locker' In 3D, And The Bieb's Revenge

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The Expendables made a giant honkload of money over the weekend. How much is a honkload? About $35 million domestic. Eat Pray Love opened with $23.7 million, while Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World disappointed with $10.5 million.

Slashfilm has a few thoughts about James Cameron's declaration that The Hurt Locker would have been better in 3D. I have thoughts also. Most of them are: "Ugh."

My favorite part of this ode to the personal library is the statement that while "most of us" may not have a giant, ornate library with absolutely no function but to hold books, "we" nonetheless have a room in the house that we "secretly" think of as the library. Apparently, "we" have larger houses than I realized.

Our continuing commitment to keeping you up to date on all things Top Shot on the History Channel requires that we mention that, among other things, it's kind of a hit.

When you get a hugely famous 16-year-old pop star cheesed off at you, you can expect swift vengeance to be taken.

Apparently, Neil Patrick Harris is not done being awesome; he and his partner are expecting twins this fall. Awesome singing and dancing babies for everyone!

Rejoice! Or something! The Star Wars trilogy, plus the other three purported Star Wars movies, will be coming to Blu-ray next fall. (Not this fall; next fall.) Sharp domain squatters are currently snapping up every available domain with "terribly disappointed" in it.