NPR logo Tonight On PBS, Have A Sniffle With A Lovely StoryCorps Animation


Tonight On PBS, Have A Sniffle With A Lovely StoryCorps Animation

In the short animated film Danny & Annie, a tale originally told to StoryCorps comes to visual life. StoryCorps hide caption

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As we've often discussed, PBS stations can vary a little based on schedule, but for many of you, tonight's POV on PBS features the documentary Salt, which looks at the salt flats of Australia. And after that, they'll show a couple of short films, including a beautifully made animation of a StoryCorps segment you might have heard on your NPR station.

I've seen the short film Danny And Annie, based on Danny and Annie Perasa, whose story was told in a few segments on StoryCorps, including this one. It's just wonderful, it goes right to the heart — and yes, it will make you cry, but in a way that's very much earned.

In the coming weeks, POV will bring you a few more animated short films based on StoryCorps segments, including this one, which you may have already spotted zinging around the Internet (because it's great), in which young Joshua, who has Asperger's syndrome, interviews his mom. (If it helps, the other thing these might remind you of, just in format, is some of the animations from This American Life's TV incarnation, like this one.)

Seek these out, for sure, from your local PBS station.  Danny & Annie is both touching and innovative — a great combination of totally natural audio with the artistic input of visual artists.