NPR logo Morning Shots: It's Hard Not To Think A Higher Power Hates 'Big Brother'


Morning Shots: It's Hard Not To Think A Higher Power Hates 'Big Brother'

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Dr. Laura Schlessinger has decided to end her radio show in order to regain her "First Amendment rights." I suppose one does what one must.

Somehow, a reporter for the AP apparently thought that when Julianna Margulies boasted that she thought her show, The Good Wife, was the first to show a simulated oral sex scene on network television, it was all right to follow up by asking her whether she knew that to be actually true. Margulies, on the other hand, found the follow-up question "despicable" and "disgusting." She declared herself "insulted." Maybe the reporter should have asked how David Schwimmer is doing.

I really think I can be forgiven for being sorely tempted to refer to the flood-related evacuation of the UK's Big Brother house as "arguably Biblical."

This update on the extent of time-shifting by TV viewers has as its highlight, I'd argue, the quote fro the NBC Universal researcher who says that DVRs aren't just for "young kids who wear black and live in SoHo." Ah, yes. Those young hipsters and their stereotypical ... love of TiVo? Anyway.

January Jones has big news, apparently: she's on her way to the X-Men franchise, as are some other people. (More at Deadline.)

Even The New York Times is now declaring that The New York Times is entirely too fond of throwing around the word "hipster."

It's a little thing, but I really liked this Cinematical discussion of Hugh Grant's best role, which I entirely agree is his performance in About A Boy, a movie I think is quite wonderful.