NPR logo Morning Shots: Hecklers And Betty White, But Fortunately Not Together


Morning Shots: Hecklers And Betty White, But Fortunately Not Together

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Betty White is funny, and Community is super-funny, and here's her promo for her appearance on the season premiere. Guess what — it's funny.

I understand that many will immediately say that this study of e-reading habits about means nothing because it was paid for by Sony, and ... point taken. But (1) it's consistent with my experience, and (2) ZIPLOC-ENCLOSED KINDLE IN THE TUB! That is genius.

Matthew Fox has been doing some interviews in support of the DVD release of the final season of Lost — I particularly like this one.

Paramount has had a strong summer, thanks to Iron Man 2 and Shrek Forever After. So if you think studios are still important, you'll want to keep up with that.

This is a perfectly fine rumination on heckling comedians, but no piece on comedians and heckling is complete without a mention of the best withering response to a heckler I've ever heard, which came from Patton Oswalt and is actually preserved on one of his albums: "You're going to miss everything cool and die angry."

If you followed the dust-up over literary agent Andrew Wylie and Random House over Wylie's plan to publish electronic versions of novels exclusively through Amazon (thus bypassing publishers who took the position that they owned electronic rights to the books in question), take note: it has cooled off.