NPR logo Morning Shots: Let's Go 'Dancing' With The Outsized Cheeseballs Of The '80s!


Morning Shots: Let's Go 'Dancing' With The Outsized Cheeseballs Of The '80s!

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Aw, Will Forte is leaving Saturday Night Live. I will miss Will Forte.

Vulture considers whether this weekend, featuring Takers and The Last Exorcism ("What and what?" I know.) is the worst movie weekend of the year. Shockingly, they conclude that it is not. When you see what was, though, you won't be surprised.

What do Michael Bolton and David Hasselhoff have in common, other than the Cliff-Clavin-esque Jeopardy answer that they have never been in my kitchen? They are both rumored cast members on this season's Dancing With The Stars, where the cha-cha will apparently be replaced with the cheese-cheese.

American Idol is shocked — SHOCKED! — that anyone would suspect it would use Auto-Tune on anyone. I think it's safe to say that anyone who heard eventual winner and consistently overpraised judges' favorite Lee DeWyze sing last season knows that they aren't using Auto-Tune. (Sorry, but ... it's true.)

This is a fun story about a place that sells, donates, and otherwise diverts used props from movies and television. It's the perfect place to get inexpensive dishes and that comically oversized kitchen whisk you've always wanted!

On how to — and how not to — encourage people to explore "high art": "There's nothing like being told, in any number of ways, how undeserving, how ripe for being patronised, you are to make you reject the lot." Amen to that.